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What are the advantages to learn makeup by House of Wenny Lo?

1. Learning the theory and practice of makeup
2. Including make up tools complete (ask me for detail) n sylabus
3. learning with the private school system. so you concentrate more and are free to ask in details
4. A flexible study time so you are not tied to the day and hour. and you can fill your day with other activities
5. learning with no provision hour. each meeting and was one lesson to lesson is finished.
6. learn about the discipline of work as a makeup artist where you will not get at other schools
7. We come to your home (ask me for the agreement) or you can come to my mini studio
8. Learing completely makeup for brides ( morning and evening makeup ), photoshoot, bridesmaid / party, groom, mama and grandmom.
9. You can join the team House of Wenny Lo, and we can work together. and of course you also can work while studying after the study is completed.

Fell free to ask me the pricelist and schedule
By. Wenny Lo
081-763-20020 / pin bb 2934d4cd


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