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Shiny, glossy hair is the ultimate hair accessory for your big day but, unless you usually wake up looking like Jennifer Aniston, youíre going to have to put a little work into getting your hair looking its polished best.

12 weeks begore the wedding

  • Choose your hairdresser. If you donít have a regular stylist ask for recommendations. Thereís no reason why you canít do your own hair for the wedding, especially if itís short, but we think itís worth the price of a couple of appointments to make you feel really special on the day.
  • †Visit a salon for an initial consultation. This is usually free and youíll get a good idea of whether you like the people and feel comfortable and relaxed in the salon.
  • Book an appointment to discuss your various different hair style options.

10 weeks before

  • At your initial appointment take a long your headdress or tiara and a sketch or picture of your dress so your stylist can see what you will be wearing. Pictures from magazines of styles you like are useful too.
  • Chat about all your style option and plan the next couple of months together. Think about a programme of conditioning treatments, colour and book the dates for additional appointments.
  • Have a trim or any new cut now so you and everyone else has a chance to get used to it.

8 weeks to go

  • Start a series of weekly intensive conditioning treatments to give your hair a healthy shine.
  • If you are going to put your hair up, visit the salon and have a trial run of a few styles. Take a camera with you to record your favourite styles from all angles to look at later.
  • Book your stylist for the wedding day, allowing plenty of time for the unexpected. Make appointments for your mum and bridesmaids. Many salons will happily send a stylist to your home or hotel for wedding day appointments, but this will cost a bit extra.

6 weeks to go

  • If you usually perm or relax your hair, do it now to give it time to settle. Make sure you use shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated for your hair type to keep it shiny and healthy.

4 weeks to go

  • Book yourself in for a trim to reshape your hairstyle.
  • Keep up the good work with the conditioning treatments itíll be worth the effort.

1 week to go

  • If you are having colour or highlights, have it done now so it has time to settle but not enough time for roots to show.
  • If you have short hair, you may want to have your final cut now. Lots of girls prefer their hair a few days after a trim.

1 day to go

  • Wash your hair. Newly washed hair is much harder to control and style. Hairgrips, accessories and tiaras and your finished style will stay put better in hair that isnít squeaky clean.
  • Put together yor wedding day hair kitwith a small hairspray, a comb and a couple of spare hairgrips. On the big day
  • Take time to relax and enjoy yout final appointment, even if you are just having a blow dry, and revel in the attention. Make sure you wear a button up top when you are having your hair done. You donít want to ruin your brand new hairdo by pulling a T-shirt or jumper over your head.

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